Welcome to Harbin Longer Science & Technology Co.,Ltd!
    Harbin Longer Science & Technology Co.,Ltd, founded in 1999,originated by scientific researchers from Harbin Institute of Technology,is concentrating on researching, manufacturing and promoting of automobile maintenance equipments, garage equipments & tools.
     Research and develop software for automotive maintenance equipment, such as Tyre Balancer, Fuel Injector Tester & Cleaner, Tyre Inflator etc. Our patent technology reach the leading level in this field.
     We have Lift factory, Fuel Injector Tester & Cleaner factory and the factory of Tyre Balancer and Tyre Changer. Our products are all authorized quality certificate of government. All of our products are at least one year quality guarantee.
     Our goal is to let more and more users in the world reach those products with high quality, good price, as well as excellent service. More and more customers are enjoying our service, Russia, Europe, Japan, Middle-East, Southeast of Asia, etc. Educated and experienced team members, leading technology,high quality, excellent service, all these are what you want.
    Add:Hit Technology Park Nangang District, Harbin, China 备案号:黑ICP备08101557号
     Tel:0451-86229155 E-mail:laugh_over_life@163.com

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